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Data-Collection Effort: Housing and Home Prices

data-collection effort: Governments have been slow to gather information on the issue, according to Toronto Star. In 2016, B.C. started collecting data about the citizenship of real-estate purchasers. Denis Star Vancouver Donovan Vincent Housing Reporter Zane Woodford Star Halifax Tues., March 12, 2019 Across the country, overheated housing markets have brought more scrutiny on foreign ownership as people seek answers for the gap between home prices and local incomes. The following year, the federal government earmarked money for a data-collection effort by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and Statistics Canada. Foreign buyers taxes were enacted in B.C. in 2016 and Ontario in 2017 as part of efforts by the respective provincial governments to cool overheated real-estate markets. Condo and office towers fill the downtown skyline in Vancouver. ( As reported in the news.