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Court Case: Court Decisions and Roma Litigants

court case: Erika Horvath, 30, and son Ferenc Tibor Sallai, 11, arrived in Canada in October 2011, according to Toronto Star. They were among the Roma litigants in the Federal Court case and were granted permanent residence on humanitarian grounds in 2017. On Wednesday, Justice Keith Boswell declared it is unconstitutional for Ottawa to treat refugees from so-called safe countries differently from other refugees when it comes to being assessed to determine if deporting them would put them in danger. SUPPLIED PHOTO The ruling followed two previous court decisions that saw some of the other key elements of reforms enacted by the then-Conservative government knocked down and dismantled. It was ill-conceived, ill-thought out. The system they created is a total failure, a flop, said veteran refugee lawyer Lorne Waldman, who was not involved in the court challenge. ( As reported in the news.