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City Council: Low-Tax Pledge and Population Growth

city council: Land transfer tax revenues, once a buoyant source of cash for new programs, are expected to continue drooping in 2019, according to Toronto Star. The Gardiner is consuming 53 per cent of your state-of-good-repair transportation budget although it only represents 1.32 per cent of your roadway lane kilometres in the city. Mayor John Tory convinced a majority of 25 councillors to honour his low-tax pledge, despite booming population growth and demand on services. It does beg the question If we weren't looking after that, what other roads could we look after as well ' said City Manager Chris Murray as city council debated the 2019 budget. Efforts by some to boost taxes to do more to help low-income Torontonians failed amid concerns about the effect on homeowners, especially senior citizens. Andrew Francis Wallace / Toronto Star The budget consists of a 13.5 billion plan to cover operating expenses in 2019 things like city workers' salaries and the day-to-day expenses of running the city and a 40.7 billion 10-year capital spending plan, which covers large infrastructure investments and maintenance of city assets. ( As reported in the news.