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Campaign: Group Spokesman and Ted Kuntz

campaign: The campaign, which rolled out across more than 50 digital billboards around the city last week but appeared to have been taken down ahead of schedule on Wednesday, featured a rotation of four slogans and direct questions that a group spokesman said aimed to ensure that Canadians are truly informed when they consent to getting vaccinated, according to CTV. The group's vice-president, Ted Kuntz, said the company responsible for disseminating the campaign faced pressure from an unknown source to remove the ads, saying the move suggests Ontario's public policy does not support public education. Christine Elliott expressed fundamental disagreement with the billboard ads paid for by Vaccination Choice Canada, an advocacy group that describes its mandate as ensuring people are fully informed and educated about immunizations for themselves and their children. Elliott disagreed, lamenting the amount of public misinformation on medical subjects, redoubling calls for Ontario residents to get their vaccines and suggesting failure to do so has already had consequences. It's not necessarily happening now, and we're seeing things come forward like tuberculosis outbreaks in certain parts of Ontario, measles outbreaks and so on. A certain number of people need to be vaccinated in order for it to be effective, Elliott said after directly criticizing the Toronto-targeted campaign. ( As reported in the news.