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Bobby Kennedy: Generation Gap and Life Magazine

bobby kennedy: Life magazine had published a Generation Gap cover the previous spring, when Bobby Kennedy had won in Indiana, and the war in Vietnam dragged horrifically on, and an uncle smoked pot with his nephew in order to write about the experience for the magazine, according to Toronto Star. It expanded my consciousness. The only jeans the Fishers did sell were Levi's, alongside records and tapes, under a retail banner that played on the concept of the Generation Gap consumer. No kidding. Levi Strauss CEO Chip Bergh, left, was joined by CFO Harmit Singh at the New York Stock Exchange Thursday, when the 166-year-old company went public for the second time. I cite this piece of trivia in homage, really, to the tenacity and resurgence of Levi's long after the disappearance of Landlubber and slush-sucking Howicks and name-your-teenage-jeans and long after Gap became a force in the denim market with its own branded offerings. ( As reported in the news.