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Argument Quebec: Quebec and Resource-Rich Alberta

argument quebec: His research indicates one hour worked in Quebec generates less wealth than one hour worked elsewhere in Canada. ; Quebec needs to better educate its workforce, stimulate private investment and encourage innovation to catch up with the rest of the country, Gagne said in an politicians across Canada, however, make another argument Quebec suffers from its over reliance on equalization payments, according to National Observer. As the provincial election in resource-rich Alberta is set to begin and with a federal election a few months away, Quebecers are likely going to hear a lot more about how they are unduly benefiting from the wealth generated by higher-earning Canadians. One of the main reasons for the province's relative poverty lies in its low productivity, said Robert Gagne, co-author of Productivity and Prosperity in Quebec, published Monday. Just don't tell that to Gagne. Under the federal government's equalization program, Ottawa redistributes part of the tax money it collects to poorer provinces to ensure citizens across the country are offered comparable services. I don't know anyone who says, 'I won't make an effort, because either way, we'll get equalization.' It's not true, he said in an interview. ( As reported in the news.