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Arab Israelis: Tibi and Arab

arab israelis: The Israeli leader, slumping in the polls after the dramatic announcement of his pending corruption indictment, is portraying Tibi as a threat to national security in a charged campaign that critics say questions the loyalty of the country's Arab citizens, according to CTV. Using his own nickname, Netanyahu has been repeating a campaign mantra Bibi or Tibi. Ahead of April 9 elections, Netanyahu has zoned in on prominent Arab lawmaker Ahmad Tibi. The snappy slogan, eagerly parroted by his hard-line allies, highlights Netanyahu's efforts to paint his challengers as weak leftists conspiring with Arab Israelis and a hostile media to oust him. Tibi is known for his harsh criticism of government policies toward the country's Arab citizens and toward Palestinians who live under Israeli control in territories Israel captured in 1967. It also shines a spotlight on Tibi -- an affable, media-savvy political veteran who speaks fluent Hebrew. ( As reported in the news.