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Transgender Recognition: Trade Groups and Gender Options

transgender recognition: That change comes after a pair of major trade groups -- the International Air Transport Association and Airlines for America -- approved updated standards to allow member airlines to offer two new gender options unspecified or unidentified, according to CTV. In 2017, Ottawa announced that travellers will be able to specify their gender with an X on their passport, instead of F for female or M for male. Major U.S. airlines said last week they will change their ticketing process so that passengers can identify themselves along non-binary lines, representing a victory for advocates of transgender recognition. The website for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada says the change is coming soon. IRCC is working diligently to introduce the 'X' gender identifier in its official documents, Genest said in an email. Until then, passengers can request an observation text free of charge on their passport that notes their sex should be marked as X, said Mathieu Genest, press secretary to Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen. ( As reported in the news.