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Theatre Department: Cheesman and Arts Scene

theatre department: A lot of inside jokes came from that and I kind of became the butt of the joke, being the only Black person in the theatre department and I'm playing the slave, Cheesman said, according to Toronto Star. Keshia Cheesman is one of many Calgarians in the local arts scene looking to push aside barriers created by discrimination in the industry. She played Tituba, the slave, and she didn't even want to audition in the first place. Supplied That was nearly 10 years ago, and at the time, she used to laugh along with the jokes to fit in. Before high school, when Cheesman was a dancer, she recalled being regularly cast as male characters. Now I'm realizing how harmful all of that was because there were so many other roles that I just knew I wouldn't be considered for because of my colour or my size. ( As reported in the news.