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Series Leakes: Tanya Sam and Housewives

series leakes: Chris Evans / Chris Evans photography The place a sushi joint, in Tokyo, where Tanya Sam found herself staring down the almighty Nene Leakes, a moment recently beamed out to regular watchers of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, according to Toronto Star. Tears were shed. Tanya Sam is a former oncology nurse with a science degree from Toronto, who is the unlikely new cast-member of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Barbs, traded. In the Housewives universe the 100-plus women we've gotten to know over the many different series Leakes is one of the most conspicuous OG ambassadors, not to mention a one-woman GIF. So what say, Ms Sam Article Continued Below It was obviously a difficult conversation for me to have with Nene, she started to say, after ringing me up to chat this week. The specifics of the tragicomic argument may have been difficult to track something to do with some shade, or perceived shade, volleyed during an earlier visit to a temple!!! but for a girl who grew up in Etobicoke, it was nothing less than a baptism by fire in the reality-TV arts. ( As reported in the news.