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Report Excellente: Massachusetts and Bec

report excellente: Janet Mills, a Democrat who won office in the U.S. mid-term elections in November, said Maine would get 258 million in benefits over 40 years in exchange for a permit to send the power from Canada to Massachusetts, the New England state's Press Herald reported this week. ; Excellent news for Quebec! Hydro-Qu bec will be able to export more electricity to Massachusetts via Maine, Premier Fran ois Legault wrote on Twitter in response to the report, according to National Observer. Excellente nouvelle pour le Qu bec!Hydro-Qu bec pourra exporter davantage d' lectricit au Massachusetts en passant par le Maine. https // Fran ois Legault francoislegault February 21, 2019Quebec gets most of the electricity for its own use from hydroelectric sources and seeks to increase exports of excess capacity. Gov. Quebec has said it would provide Maine with 40 million financing for the proposed project. In June, Hydro-Qu bec reached agreement with three utility companies to supply Massachusetts with 9.45 terawatt hours of electricity for 20 years beginning in 2022. Hydro-Qu bec is an energy giant that is wholly-owned by the province and already sends 40 per cent of its exports to New England. ( As reported in the news.