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Politics News: Emergency Meeting and Lima Meeting

politics news: Sign up for our Capital Dispatch newsletter, for all the latest politics news The Lima Group's meeting comes amid massive protests in Venezuela pressing Maduro to go, according to CTV. The group built on that backing in its final communique by calling upon the National Armed Forces of Venezuela to demonstrate their loyalty to the Interim President in his constitutional functions as their Commander in Chief. The declaration in the final Lima Group communique from Monday's emergency meeting in Ottawa came two days after the defection of a top air-force general, once loyal to socialist president Nicolas Maduro. They also called on the armed forces not to impede entry and transit of humanitarian assistance to Venezuelans. We have a huge relationship with different people in the army force. Guaido's representative to Monday's Ottawa meeting, Orlando Viera-Blanco, said the decision was a key step in freeing his country from its economic and political crisis and putting in on a road toward democracy. ( As reported in the news.