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Paul David: Theatre Company and Canadian Artists

paul david: Despite providing formal requests from the theatre company and recommendations from Canadian artists and scholars attesting to the play's attributes, authorities said the application failed to prove its cultural uniqueness, according to CTV. Power, the play's writer and star, said the decision shows a lack of understanding about the rarity of seeing complex stories about disability presented on stage. Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security rejected a detailed application to bring Paul David Power's autobiographical play Crippled to a San Francisco theatre. I feel the dots just aren't being connected of why this would be culturally unique and I think it's a lack of understanding of disability, Power said. Power was first invited to bring Crippled to San Francisco in 2017 after Exit Theater's artistic director saw the work at a New Brunswick festival. It seems like a lot of bureaucratic barriers that shouldn't be there. ( As reported in the news.