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Europe: Muslim Immigrants and Member States

europe: Anti-Zionism is the latest euphemism for anti-Semitism, which in Europe may at least in part be due to the relatively recent influx of Muslim immigrants and refugees, according to Toronto Star. This has prompted Muslims, misguided by Iran and others, to support their Palestinian brothers and sisters by harassing, maiming and killing Jews in Paris, Brussels, Malm and many other cities in Europe. The 26 member states of the European Union EU seem to be adopting a similar attitude in relation to the State of Israel, which has become the epitome of the Jew to be hated. And it has helped to revive Europe's ignominious and tragic history of Jew-hatred. Behind them hangs a banner bearing the colours of the Israeli flag with a slogan in support of Zionism. Israelis walk in the Jewish quarter of the Jerusalem's Old City on Feb. 19. ( As reported in the news.