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English Vocabulary: Hamilton Spectator and English-Language Requirement

english vocabulary: To meet the English-language requirement, individuals must reach Level 4 of the Canadian language benchmarks, meaning they can understand simple sentences and use basic grammar, according to Toronto Star. Scott Gardner / The Hamilton Spectator file photo Three years ago, a day shy of Valentine's Day, 36-year old Ibrahim and seven family members landed in Surrey, B.C., as part of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's signature Syrian Refugee Initiative. Nose, she proudly pronounces, eager to demonstrate her expanding English vocabulary. She didn't know a word of English, nor could she read or write in her native Arabic. While her mom, dad, grandmother and two school-age brothers are eligible to become citizens this year, she and two other adult siblings, who also never learned to read or write, will not be. Despite taking language classes four days a week, she has a long way to go to meet the English-language requirement for Canadian citizenship. ( As reported in the news.