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Board Works: Students and Marginalized Communities

board works: The group has introduced skateboarding to some of Canada's Syrian refugees and has set up programs in some Indigenous communities, too, according to CTV. This was its first time working with students with visual impairments. The session was offered by the Academy Skateboard Collective, a non-profit that aims to connect marginalized communities through skateboarding. The students, who were outfitted with all of the necessary safety gear, learned how the board works and how to position themselves for proper balance. Leading the students in their lesson was Dan Mancina, a professional skateboarder who lost his own vision seven years ago. I actually think skateboarding lends itself so well because so much of it is about feel and the experience and the texture of the park, the curves, Everett Tetz, the founder of the Academy Skateboard Collective, told CTV Calgary. ( As reported in the news.