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Troy J: City Leadership and Immigration Status

troy j: All of these people reside in Toronto, and regardless of their nation of origin they require help now, according to Toronto Star. To divide the problem, and indicate responsibility based on immigration status, is irresponsible in its origin. In fact, 100 per cent are human beings. The only way we are going to solve the housing, affordability and homelessness emergencies in Toronto, is by having our city leadership unite with those on the front lines, and heed the advice of poverty reduction advocates who are saying in unison that the current glacial pace of action is unacceptable. Article Continued Below Troy J Young,Toronto Report an error Journalistic Standards About The StarWHEN IT COMES TO EXPERT ADVICE, COME TO US.NEW NEWSLETTERADVICESIGN UP With this exchange it leaves one wondering whether this executive committee is capable of advocating for its most vulnerable citizens when councillors, such as Pasternak, are looking to create divisions on an issue that demands a totally united commitment, without vilification of any one group as a source of justification to deflect advocacy responsibility. ( As reported in the news.