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Travis: Dermod Travis and Rcmp Force

travis: The person who wrote BCLC's reply is now the director of its anti-money laundering unit, according to CTV. Red flags were put up and red flags were ignored, said Dermod Travis, with watchdog organization Integrity BC. Travis said the timeline of these warnings just a year after 2009, when the previous Liberal government shut down an RCMP illegal gambling task force, claiming it wasn't effective shows that criminals were only too happy to take advantage. The agency's response at the time dismiss the concerns, according to records newly uncovered through a Freedom of Information request. What BCLC's response said, and what this disbandment of the RCMP force said was, Open for business, Travis said. In 2010, officials noticed a dramatic increase of big buy-ins using small denomination bills, including one man who was able to buy in 3.5 million over two months, according to a letter from the public safety ministry's gambling watchdog. The current government needs to get out in front of this and call a public inquiry. ( As reported in the news.