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Toronto Star: Division Street and Justice Act

toronto star: Hussam Eddin Alzahabi, 20, at his home in Kingston after he was released from RCMP custody Friday, according to Toronto Star. May Warren/Toronto Star At the same time, a teenager, whose gender was not released by police Alzahabi said he was male was charged with knowingly facilitating a terrorist activity; and counselling a person to deliver, place, discharge or detonate an explosive with intent to cause death or serious bodily injury. The 20-year-old says he was handcuffed and taken to the Kingston police station on Division Street, where he was held overnight in a cell. He cannot be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. There was some accusation that I work for some terrorist group, he said, sitting on a brown sofa in his family's living room after his release from custody Friday afternoon. Asked how he knew the minor who's been charged, Alzahabi said he is just a friend and a former classmate. ( As reported in the news.