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Telecommunications Equipment: Huawei and Development Facilities

telecommunications equipment: But Huawei Canada president Eric Li, who is attending corporate meetings in Shenzen, said in a statement that its top priority has been the security and integrity of the networks that it supports through its technology, according to CTV. Huawei has been supplying telecommunications equipment in Canada for a decade, Li said. A company spokesman in Ottawa said Huawei's head office hasn't decided how much additional money and people will be allocated to its Canadian operation, which employs about 500 people at its research and development facilities. We have a 10-year record of success when it comes to cybersecurity. Huawei will also work with an independent third-party organization to monitor and assess its progress, he said. To make our equipment even more secure, Huawei is investing a further 2 billion over five years to enhance the way we design and build our products. ( As reported in the news.