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Station West: Treasury Board and Bruce Thomlinson

station west: The collision injured nearly two dozen more and its cause is still uncertain, according to CTV. Yet even as the city grieved with the families of those killed and police continued their investigation, the chair of the federal Transportation Safety Board took aim at the federal government for not doing more to increase bus safety. All three were public servants in the federal government. Bruce Thomlinson, 56, Judy Booth, 57, and Anja Van Beek, 65, were fatally hurt when a double-decker bus slammed into a shelter at a station west of downtown Ottawa at the start of the evening rush hour on Friday. Thomlinson worked for the Canada Border Services Agency and Van Beek worked for the federal Treasury Board. It was on an express route from the city core, beginning a long run without a stop on its way to a western suburb. ( As reported in the news.