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Ships: Air Pollution

ships: It measures minute particles of air pollution that, when inhaled, can cause harm to your heart and lungs, according to National Observer. Kennedy, an assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, is the author of a new study, released Thursday, which details the findings of a two-year study exposing poor air quality on four Carnival Corporation ships the largest cruise operator in the world including one that left Vancouver for Los Angeles in October 2018. ; The report, titled An investigation of air pollution on the decks of four cruise ships, found that air pollution on these ships was significantly worse than some of the world's most polluted cities like Beijing, China or Santiago, Chile. This device is a portable digital contraption. Kennedy measured air pollution every second for one minute and created an average for each minute for twenty minutes at time, during the day and night. The lowest particle count across these four ships was 38,888 particles per cubic centimeter pt/cc while the highest was 157,716 pt/cc. His findings reveal that while all four ships were traveling at sea, average pollution particle counts were significantly higher at the stern the area on a ship behind the smokestacks. ( As reported in the news.