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Resource Extraction: Land and Uncrossable Waterways

resource extraction: Eastern Angola is one of those places, and that helps explain why this place, which has little to no potential for agriculture, oil, development, or resource extraction, now finds itself with a number of suitors aspiring to protect it. ; This huge chunk of land, slightly larger than the state of Tennessee flat, sandy, littered with unmapped and uncrossable waterways that sometimes change locations, like staircases in Hogwarts could be well on its way to becoming a national park, according to National Observer. The land is sparsely populated and fairly inhospitable; the Portuguese called it the land of hunger and the land at the end of the world. There are not many truly unknown places left on Earth, places where nobody knows who and what lives there, where the waterways go, or how the ecosystems operate. But the provisional name for the developing park is Lisima Lwa Mwondo, the source of life in the Bantu dialect spoken there. If they wait or fail, they believe, these areas, preserved to some extent by conflict and neglect, may never be the same. Over the next few years, as development and outside interests humanitarian, capitalistic, political continue to move into Angola, there is a rush for the do-gooders to preserve the environment. ( As reported in the news.