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Policy Move: Wage Growth and Cent

policy move: Year-over-year average hourly wage growth for permanent employees was 1.49 per cent -- up slightly from its November reading of 1.46 per cent, but much lower than its peak last May of 3.9 per cent, according to CTV. Experts have been expecting wages to rise as more people find work. But even in a job market that has tightened over the past year the agency's latest data release shows the key indicator of wage growth continued to show weakness in December. Instead, its sharp deceleration since the middle of last year is viewed as a good reason for the Bank of Canada to wait a little longer before hiking interest rates. I think, if anything, this completely takes the likelihood of a policy move any time in the next three months down to zero. There's just no way that this figure does not give the Bank of Canada more space to wait and see before raising interest rates, Ranko Berich, head analyst at Monex Canada and Monex Europe, said in an interview. ( As reported in the news.