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Miles Kilometres: u.s.-Mexico Border and Border Wall

miles kilometres: As she spoke in the yard of a Catholic Charities shelter in South Texas, the boy played nearby, according to CTV. He had a hairless scar on top of his head in the shape of a jagged, capital T. I will always feel culpable, said Orbelina, 30. After quietly planning for months, she took the 3-year-old boy and his two brothers and headed north without telling her husband. Always. The Trump administration wants to use that money to construct more than 200 miles 320 kilometres of border wall. U.S. President Donald Trump's push for a 5.7 billion wall -- a demand that triggered the longest government shutdown in history -- is unlikely on its own to stop families with stories like Orbelina's, who are crossing the U.S.-Mexico border by the thousands each month. ( As reported in the news.