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Maduro Government: Trudeau and Brock University

maduro government: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held one of his town hall meetings to a packed crowd at Brock University, according to Toronto Star. Bob Tymczyszyn / The St. Speaking at one of a series of election-year townhall meetings across the country, Trudeau reserved some of his harshest words of the evening at Brock University for Nicolas Maduro, the 56-year-old Venezuelan president since 2013 who is presiding over a country in increasing crisis. Catharines Standard Anyone who claims to be a friend of Venezuela or its people, Trudeau said, should stand up and condemn the Maduro government, which he said has been responsible for terrible oppression and a humanitarian crisis unseen in South America for decades. Organizers said about 1,500 people students and other area residents filled the campus gymnasium in St. All because of an illegitimate dictator named Maduro, who is continuing to not respect their constitution and the rule of law, Trudeau said. ( As reported in the news.