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Igbo Cosmology: Poultry Farmer and Nigerian Culture

igbo cosmology: His story is one of struggle, but the chi's exquisite telling of it reveals much about the richness and beauty of Nigerian culture, from its intensely communal society to its complex Igbo cosmology and mythic literary tradition, according to Toronto Star. The tale starts with Chinonso's chance meeting with a woman, Ndali, on a bridge, where she's contemplating suicide. The guardian spirit appears before the magnificent court of Bechukwu, in the heavenly place of Eluigwe, to plead with Chekwu, creator of all, on behalf of its host, known in this cycle of life as Chinonso Solomon Olisa, a poultry farmer in Umuahia, Nigeria. He rushes to her side, flinging his prized chickens off the edge to demonstrate the finality of her choice. An Orchestra of Minorities, Chigozie Obioma, Little Brown, 464 pages, 36.50 Little, Brown The protaganist in Chigozie Obioma's novel An Orchestra of Minorities moves to Cyprus to pursue an education. He manages to draw her back into the land of the living, and, in doing so, finds his destiny inexorably linked with hers. ( As reported in the news.