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Food Court: Manager and Store

food court: I thought I'm not going to be here at that age, and then it's like holy s---, she says, drinking an iced coffee in the food court below the store that has felt like home for the better part of three decades, according to Toronto Star. Jean Machine store manager Susan Cripps-Campbell, director of operations Darren Perlman, senior assistant manager Shida Dastoom and district manager Iggy Eterno, at the Toronto Eaton Centre store this month. Her manager was 26. Says Eterno, who was in charge of recruiting We wanted personality. Steve Russell / Toronto Star She has been here exclusively since 1994, an endless cycle of skinny and wide fit, low- and high-rise, near the escalator bank that whisks shoppers toward Nordstrom, Sears or Eaton's, depending on the decade. We had a lot of challenging employees ... but God were they fun. ( As reported in the news.