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Eric Meechance: Stanley and Colten Boushie

eric meechance: A new book by Kent Roach, the Prichard-Wilson Chair in Law and Public Policy at the University of Toronto, looks at how the case can shed light on issues of racism and how the criminal justice system treats Indigenous people, according to Toronto Star. It was not long after Colten Boushie's death that the media started reporting on the tragic event that had occurred on Stanley's farm. Stanley's acquittal on murder and manslaughter charges last Feb. 9 was heavily criticized by some Canadians, including the prime minister. The early media reports, with some exceptions, reflected stories told by Eric Meechance that denied attempted theft of a vehicle on the Stanley property. Colten Boushie, left, was fatally shot by Gerald Stanley on Aug. 9, 2016, on Stanley's farm near Biggar, Sask. This contributed to the early polarization of opinion that would continue to dog the case. ( As reported in the news.