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Edwin Starr: Video and Anthem War

edwin starr: The video surfaced in a failed attempt to discredit the new member of Congress as she was sworn in as the youngest woman ever elected to the U.S. House of response to the online criticism was short and brilliant, tweeting a video of herself dancing into her new congressional office, according to Rabble. The video got tremendous attention. While she may not have uttered precisely those words, the sense of the phrase was on full display in the U.S. Congress last week, as a video circulated of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing with friends while she was an undergraduate at Boston University 10 years ago. What was largely overlooked was the tune that she was dancing to the classic 1970 anti-war anthem War, sung by Edwin Starr. War, What is it good for Absolutely nothing, the chorus goes. It rocketed to No. 1 in the summer of 1970, and has been a staple anthem against war ever since. ( As reported in the news.