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Democrats Fund: Trump and Border Wall

democrats fund: Then he gives public remarks in which he talks about crimes committed by illegal immigrants and drugs smuggled over the border, accuses Democrats of not caring about either of these things, and demands the wall again, according to Toronto Star. President Donald Trump attends an East Room event to host the Clemson Tigers football team at the White House Jan. 14, 2019 in Washington, DC. Polls suggest Americans blame Trump for the government shutdown, which hit its 25th day on Jan. 15. Trump demands on Twitter that Democrats fund his border wall. Olivier Douliery It's his perpetual playbook pick a fight, rile up the base, exaggerate, cast blame, dig in. Republican congressional leaders told Trump that it would be a bad idea to shut down part of the U.S. government over the wall. But it's not working at all this time. ( As reported in the news.