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Day Sign: Health Insurance and Kamala Harris

day sign: Want FOX News Halftime Report in your inbox every day Sign up here, according to Rabble. On the roster Harris fumbles on health insurance - Dems embrace left wing for Trump rebuttal - Dems delay vote on attorney general - Biden's non-campaign rolls on - Pittsburgh vs. Kamala Harris under fire for suggesting private health care plans be abolished under her 'Medicare for All' plan. All yinzHARRIS FUMBLES ON HEALTH INSURANCE Imagine if the Los Angeles Rams had to play the Super Bowl against the Patriots and the NFC Championship against the Saints at the same time. We think of the primaries and the general election as two different games, but the truth is that whomever Democrats nominate is already auditioning for the general electorate including loosely attached Democrats, independents and even some Republicans. That's what running for president is like. ( As reported in the news.