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Daughter Ashah: Saney and Downtown Halifax

daughter ashah: Haley Ryan / Star Metro The charges stem from an incident on Oct. 25 when Isaac Saney, a Dalhousie University professor and member of the school's Black Faculty & Staff Caucus, was getting on a bus in downtown Halifax with his then four-month-old daughter Ashah in a stroller, according to Toronto Star. Telling his story in November, Saney said that a white woman in her 40s and a white male in his late teens barged ahead and said to Saney, In Canada don't you know there's priorities about who can board this bus Saney said he told the two that people with strollers, persons with disabilities and seniors are given boarding priority. Isaac Saney, a Dalhousie University professor, says he and his daughter Ashah were the targets of a racist incident on a Halifax Transit bus last month. Saney said they began making anti-immigrant, racist comments about people being let in to Canada and people who don't have manners. Read more Halifax man says his family faced racism on a city bus. Article Continued Below When Saney told them he found their comments unacceptable and asked them to stop, he said the woman got up and shouted, Do you want us to really be f-ing racist We can be f-ing racist, and told Saney to shut the f-k up. ( As reported in the news.