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Chinese-Canadian Population: Kevin Huang and Star Metro

chinese-canadian population: But the area's new-found diversity has hindered social cohesion, according to a new report from the Hua Foundation, as newcomers are having trouble integrating into the existing community, according to Toronto Star. Developers have been building new condominiums in Vancouver's Chinatown in recent years. Chinatown used to consist predominantly of businesses that catered to the Chinese-Canadian population. Jennifer Gauthier / For Star Metro We rarely talk about how neighbourhoods with so many different stakeholders across cultural as well as socioeconomic differences, how we can get along and work together, said Kevin Huang, executive director of the Hua Foundation. Racist policies in the mid-1900s pushed Chinese-Canadian business owners in the Lower Mainland to create a separate supply chain that connected restaurants and green grocers with culturally appropriate farmers and distributors. The non-profit has studied food-security gaps in the neighbourhood before, but its most recent report highlights parallel food systems in the Lower Mainland and how gentrification has deepened the divide between those systems within Chinatown itself. ( As reported in the news.