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Campaign Trail and Security Crisis

wall: Everything each party says and does at this point is motivated by the need to win the battle over public opinion, according to Rabble. In this fight, the Democrats would seem to have the edge. But the standoff is now ultimately about something else Which side will most benefit and which will be most harmed by the shutdown. Strong support for the wall is limited to the minority of Americans who constitute the president's base, he made things politically difficult for himself by proposing preposterously on the campaign trail that Mexico would pay for the wall, and very few people appear to have been persuaded by his claim that the country faces a national security crisis on the southern border. The surest way for them to do so would be to keep on their present path of emphasizing that the government must be reopened because of how the shutdown is hurting federal workers. But that doesn't mean the Democrats won't blow it. ( As reported in the news.