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Burnaby-South Resident: Race Politics and Candidate

burnaby-south resident: Wang, the federal Liberal candidate running against NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, resigned following a Star Vancouver report on her post on the Chinese social media app WeChat that urged people to vote for her, the only Chinese candidate, and not Singh of Indian descent, according to Toronto Star. Shoppers come and go from Crystal Mall, in Burnaby B.C. The riding of Burnaby South, which has a high population of Chinese-Canadians, has become the focal point of an election scandal that saw Liberal candidate Karen Wang resign over accusations of playing race politics. But some were not surprised about her comments on race. Jesse Winter / Star Metro Daniel Louie, a Burnaby-South resident and pastor at nearby Urban Village Church, was dismayed at Wang's actions. But for Wang to go in the other direction and say you should not vote for a candidate because of their ethnic descent, strikes against the whole idea of what Canadian society is trying to achieve. We want to celebrate the diversity and representation, he said in an interview. ( As reported in the news.