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Awareness Campaigns: Lake Ontario and Equity Consultant

awareness campaigns: Now the plan hatched Friday to respond to last week's terrorism-related arrests is rolling out in the small city on the eastern end of Lake Ontario, according to CTV. The response involves police protection for religious groups and organizations that help newcomers settle in the city, as well as public awareness campaigns and efforts to prevent potential bullying in the hallways of local schools. The equity consultant for the local Limestone District School Board had one thought Luckily, we've done the work needed to make this a success. When things like this arise and your relationships are poor, you're in a whole heap of problems and that wasn't the case for us, said James. A second person, who came to Canada as a refugee, was arrested but later released without charges in the same purported plot. Last week, the Mounties charged a youth, who cannot be identified, with knowingly facilitating a terrorist activity and with counselling someone to use an explosive or other lethal device to cause death or serious bodily injury. ( As reported in the news.