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u.s.-Mexico-Canada Agreement: Agreement and California Democrat

u.s.-mexico-canada agreement: The California Democrat has been riffing on the uncertainty around what to call the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA -- a moniker that reflects President Donald Trump's contempt for the original North American Free Trade Agreement, according to CTV. Ottawa now seems to prefer CUSMA, while others fall back on NAFTA 2.0, new NAFTA or, simply, NAFTA. Whatever they're calling it now, the trade agreement formerly known as Prince -- no, I mean, formerly known as NAFTA -- is a work in progress, Pelosi quipped to chuckles at a Capitol Hill news conference last month introducing newly elected members of her party in the House of Representatives. For Nancy Pelosi, it's a punchline. But seriously, folks its name notwithstanding, uncertainty, doubt and mixed feelings will only continue to shroud the agreement well into the new year, especially with an ambivalent Pelosi expected to emerge as leader of an emboldened Democratic majority in the House of Representatives. The deal includes elements aimed at the centre-left folks in Congress, including environmental protections and a requirement that by 2023, 45 per cent of auto parts be made by workers being paid at least 16 an hour. With the 2020 election in their sights, Democrats are girding for pitched battles against their GOP rivals on a number of fronts, and will be disinclined to give Trump any legislative wins, despite all the post-midterms talk of bipartisan co-operation and reaching across the aisle. ( As reported in the news.