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Trade Barriers: Ford and Climate-Change Plans

trade barriers: But other premiers, including fellow Conservative Brian Pallister from Manitoba, disputed Ford's interpretation of what the prime minister said behind closed doors in Montreal and Trudeau himself dismissed the charge, according to CTV. Ford at least did not follow through on a threat to walk out of the meeting, which he had criticized for being too narrowly focused on Trudeau's priority -- reducing interprovincial trade barriers -- and not enough on the priorities of provinces and territories. The one sour note was sounded by Ontario's Progressive Conservative premier, Doug Ford, who accused Trudeau of moving the goalposts on Canada's climate-change plans, requiring Ontario to cut its greenhouse-gas emissions more than Ford had expected. Trudeau managed to mollify the premiers by letting them talk about whatever they wanted. I was encouraged by the kind of no-holds-barred discussion. Everything was discussed, said Blaine Higgs, New Brunswick's Conservative premier and the chair of the meeting from the premiers' side. ( As reported in the news.