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Time Signatures: Music and Word Odyssey

time signatures: Fans and detractors alike referred to this highly ostentatious form of popular music from the 1970s as progressive rock, or simply, prog, according to Vancouver Courier. The music is just so interesting, McKhool tells the North Shore News. Tickets available at and violinist Chris McKhool loves the musicianship.article continues below Trending Stories He's not talking at least not yet about the adventurous musical trip of his own band, the charmingly named Sultans of String, but reflecting on the music he favoured as a kid, which happened to be a genre known for its crazy time signatures, far-out solos, eclectic live productions and songs that were so long they gave new meaning to the word odyssey. There's also definitely a virtuosity to a lot of the musicians who are playing prog rock, like if you've ever seen Keith Emerson play Hammond organ The Sultans of String definitely aren't prog rock, but it only takes a brief listen through the band's extensive catalogue of world music, which fuses the styles and sounds of numerous artistic cultures into an energetic and folky package, to see the influence that complex, non-traditional types of music have had on the band. But the band will largely be taking the traditional part out of Christmas traditions when it performs in North Vancouver next week, says McKhool, as the musicians will be doing cuts from their latest album, Christmas Caravan, which aims to celebrate the season with original compositions and classic carols and audience favourites that have been reworked through the lens of world music. The Sultans, who are rounded out by guitarists Kevin Lalibert and Eddie Paton, bass player Drew Birston and percussionist Rosendo Chendy Leon, are performing a special Christmas concert at Centennial Theatre on Dec. 5 alongside a plethora of special guests, including the North Shore Celtic Ensemble. ( As reported in the news.