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Star Executive: Worker Program and Southam News

star executive: Photographer Melissa Renwick says she feels humbled and honoured to receive the Travers Fellowship, according to Toronto Star. Richard Lautens / Toronto Star File Photo James Travers, former Star executive managing editor and columnist, had previously spent years as a foreign correspondent based in Africa and the Middle East for Southam News. Mojtehedzadeh and Renwick will use the 25,000 fellowship to delve into a rarely seen perspective on the migrant worker program, focusing on the voices of the spouses and children left behind in Mexico, and asking the question is a program meant to empower families actually destroying them Toronto Star reporter Sara Mojtehedzadeh says the human cost of the migrant worker program is invisible to many Canadians. He died in 2011. While migrant workers often face extreme vulnerability performing manual labour on Canadian farms, their families also experience deep financial, psychological and health consequences at home as a result of prolonged separation. Bernard weil / Toronto Star File Photo The idea that some families must choose to live apart for the majority of their lives to put food on the table struck us as an instinctively compelling one, said Mojtehedzadeh, who reports on labour issues for the Star. ( As reported in the news.