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Security Guards: Meeting and Pre-Printed Stack

security guards: PUNA, Hawaii Island When members of the Fern Forest Community Association held their annual meeting this month, someone was clearly expecting trouble Uniformed security guards and off-duty police were watching as over 50 residents of the subdivision in rural Upper Puna arrived at the meeting, according to Rabble. Displayed on the sign-in table was a pre-printed stack of trespassing notices. By Alan D. McNarie / December 18, 2018Reading time 8 minutes. A sign on the wall of the Quonset-style meeting hall announced that no video or audio recording was allowed. Melissa Fletcher immediately rose from the audience. In his opening remarks, the outgoing president of the association's board of directors, Ken Gryde, announced that questions would not be taken from the floor and noted that if an association member disrupted the meeting, a sequence of three warning signs would be held up If the third sign was raised, that member would face trespassing charges. ( As reported in the news.