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Peace Agreement: Teak Wood and Day Period

peace agreement: But most important, they said, is whether implementing the peace agreement improves the lives of the civilians, many of whom expressed to the experts profound distrust of a high-level political process that appears increasingly removed from their suffering, according to CTV. The report, which was circulated Thursday and covers a 45-day period in September and October, stressed that competition for South Sudan's natural resources including oil, gold, teak wood and charcoal remains central to the conflict both locally and nationally. The panel of experts said in a report to the Security Council that the world's newest nation must deal with the fragmentation of armed groups and grave human rights abuses, including against children, in addition to the profound deficit of trust among almost all signatories to the September peace deal. The panel report details cases where armed opposition groups profited from the teak trade in Western and Central Equatoria through taxation and protection payments. The experts said they are aware of a number of agreements for advanced payment and direct payment for oil, which accounts for almost 90 per cent of the government's revenue. It said illicit exploitation and trade in gold continue to benefit both government forces and armed groups. ( As reported in the news.