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Nissan Executive: Ghosn and Greg Kelly

nissan executive: His first 10 days in custody expires at the end of Friday, according to Vancouver Courier. The court said it also approved a 10-day detention extension for another former Nissan executive, Greg Kelly. The Tokyo District Court said it approved a request from prosecutors to keep Ghosn until Dec. 10 for a further investigation of his suspected financial irregularities.article continues below Trending Stories Ghosn, 64, was arrested Nov. 19 by Tokyo prosecutors on suspicion he falsified financial statements and underreported his income and benefits. He was arrested with Ghosn on suspicion he collaborated in the alleged underreporting of his boss' income. Nissan Motor Co. ousted him as its chairman last week, saying an internal investigation prompted by a whistleblower also found Ghosn misused company money and assets. Prosecutors suspect Ghosn under-reported his income by half, or 5 billion yen 44 million over five years. ( As reported in the news.