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Liberties Association: Bryant and Cole Burston

liberties association: Cole Burston/For National Post Chris Selley December 28, 20189 27 AM ESTFiled under Full Share this story Chris Selley Michael Bryant at the CCLA an unlikely man for an unlikely job Tumblr Pinterest Google Linked InWhen former Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant was named executive director and general counsel of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association earlier this year, a portion of the Canadian left was apoplectic, according to CBC. To some, Bryant is nothing less than a murderer who got away scot-free after mowing down Darcy Allan Sheppard in a 2009 motorist-vs.-cyclist confrontation in midtown Toronto an encounter Bryant insisted was born of a panicked attempt to escape a crazed Sheppard, who was threatening him and his then-wife Susan Abramovitch in their Saab convertible. To others, he's a perfect pick at a time when advocacy groups are vying for attention Executive Director and general counsel for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, Michael Bryant, poses for a photograph at the Superior Court of Justice in Toronto, Ont., on Nov. 8, 2018. Bryant obtained an acquittal because of his privilege and position, a petition with almost 1,400 signatures alleges, demanding the CCLA rescind its decision. Even for those who thought the outcome of that case reasonable the Crown withdrew all criminal charges against him relating to Sheppard's death there was cause for raised eyebrows. He has not done any of the work necessary to address his attack on a vulnerable person that would make him at all suited for a position where he would be expected to defend the rights of marginalized people. ( As reported in the news.