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Knockout Stages: Volcano Uefa and Monday Morning

knockout stages: While any outcome was likely to spell bad tidings for Manchester United, the news they'll be playing PSG may have prompted a handful involved with the club their manager, all their players and every single one of their fans to wish they hadn't actually over-achieved by getting out of their group, according to Rabble. It's usually customary to say these are the games you dream of playing in ; after the shellacking they suffered at the hands of Liverpool, this is the stuff of nightmares for United. And on Monday morning, in the dormant volcano Uefa calls its lair, those teams were paired for the first of the knockout stages to take place in February next year. Even a Jos Mourinho gripped by defensive dogma was better than this Jonathan Wilson Read more We have the quality to win at Old Trafford, cheered PSG manager Thomas Tuchel, as Kylian Mbapp Edinson Cavani and Neymar could be seen high-fiving and flossing in the background. While even the most delusional of United loyalists could be forgiven for dreading what PSG might do to the disorganised rabble that currently constitutes their team, they can at least console themselves with the notion that the first leg isn't for two months and whoever has replaced Mourinho by then might have whipped United into something resembling a shape. I'm confident for my team, but it's a great test, a challenge. ( As reported in the news.