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Increase: Robinson-Huron Treaty and Reviewable Obligation

increase: Justice Patricia Hennessy wrote that it's the Crown's duty to fulfil the treaty's promise to increase the payments over time, according to CTV. The Treaties were not meant to be the last word on the relationship, she wrote. The court found that the Crown has a mandatory and reviewable obligation to increase the annuity under the Robinson-Huron Treaty, which was signed in 1850. Renewal of the relationship was necessary to ensure that both parties could continue to thrive in changing environments. A delegation of 21 First Nations argued in the 2014 lawsuit that it is unfair that the annual payment of 4 to each of its members has not been raised, even though some members have been living in poverty. Hennessy did not say how much the payments should be, noting that there may be further steps and considerations in the implementation of her ruling. ( As reported in the news.