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Immigration Officials: Immigration Detention

immigration officials: In addition, two former long-term detainees have been deported following the review of 27 long-term detention cases involving inmates locked up for at least a year, according to Toronto Star. Ebrahim Toure, right, is greeted by friends Mohamadou Dukuray, left, and Gebere Mageraga after his release in September after more than 5-1/2 years in immigration detention. Six of those long-term detainees are now out of jail, while the release of two others is imminent, a spokesperson for the Immigration and Refugee Board told the Star. He had been jailed indefinitely because immigration officials believed he would not show up for his deportation if it was ever arranged. Rick Madonik/Toronto Star File Photo Rick Madonik / Toronto Star File Photo The review was launched in the wake of a damning independent audit this summer that revealed a system that unfairly keeps people behind bars for months on end due to ill-informed adjudicators, decision-making based on inaccurate information, unchallenged faith in border enforcement officials and inadequate legal representation for detainees. In the end, officials conceded they could not deport him. ( As reported in the news.