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Iconic Species: Survival Rates and Report Co-Author

iconic species: Atlantic salmon brood stock circle a tank at Oak Bay Fish Hatchery in Oak Haven, New Brunswick, according to Toronto Star. Robert F. Bukaty / The Associated Press file photo The findings, by the Atlantic Salmon Federation in partnership with Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Ocean Tracking Network, are in a paper published Thursday in the ICES Journal of Marine Science. The iconic species is famous for drawing anglers to the region, but researchers wanted to know more about their juvenile survival rates. The study started just due to interest and a lack of understanding as to how these fish are behaving and their survival as they are migrating downstream, said Jason Daniels, a research scientist with the federation and report co-author. Article Continued Below The complex technical study tracked more than 2,800 juvenile wild Atlantic salmon, known as smolt, from populations in four rivers that empty into the Gulf of St. Acoustic telemetry has allowed us to have a bit of a window into what's going on. ( As reported in the news.