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Houston Gilfoy: Austrian Gendarmerie and Kristina Bogatin

houston gilfoy: The timing of sharing the story also demonstrated a lack of sensitivity for which we deeply regret, said Houston Gilfoy in an email, according to Vancouver Courier. Houston Gilfoy did not elaborate on why the man's military service was of issue. Spokeswoman Beatrice Houston Gilfoy said the story of Vincenz and Kristina Bogatin was shared with the museum by their daughter, but her father's military service with the Austrian Gendarmerie is of issue. article continues below Trending Stories Starbucks to unveil swanky new Reserve Bar in Downtown Vancouver Newsmaker of the Year 2018 City hall overhaul'Bella Dolls' sex doll brothel has opened in Vancouver New bus service linking Vancouver to Kelowna, Kamloops rolls out soon Houston Gilfoy said the museum's social media team shared the story without fully understanding the historical context. She said because it was a personal story donated by his daughter, the specifics of his military service with the Austrian Gendarmerie are unknown to us. A review of all older content in our story collection will begin to ensure that this kind of thing does not happen again, said Houston Gilfoy. Houston Gilfoy said going forward, the social media team will work more closely with the museum's historians to ensure the historical context of stories are fully understood. ( As reported in the news.